Food Sanitation Explained – Top Green Tea Diet

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Sanitation involves disinfecting the preparation surface. The table surface can become dry due to food and bacteria particles. The particles could not be apparent to naked eyes. The surface scratches and grooves could be a source of germs as well. It is crucial to clean up in the preparation of food. Water aids in loosening food and other food particles to make it easier to clean. The water must come proven to be from a licensed source so that you are not cleaning using filthy water. When the signs are evident the possibility of repeated cleaning is required. In the course of cleaning steps, make sure you disinfect cutting boards, appliances, kitchen utensils and dining area surfaces as well as other surfaces. A clean, soapy sink is a good place to start. As a minimum, wash your wash water every meal. When cleaning the wash water, use new, clean sheets. It is not recommended to use them for the next time. Sanitizing is done after washing and rinsing are complete. Food contact surfaces need to be cleaned before cooking the food. The video below will provide additional information. extakvy7pb.

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