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Preventative dog medications It’s important to check how many treats your dog is given. While they are great as ways to teach your dog to be more attentive, you shouldn’t give your dog too many. You should be aware that treats can also have calories. You can imagine when you give your dog much treats can cause it to gain weight. The rule of thumb is that treats should not be more than 10% of your dog’s daily consumption of calories. If possible, switch up traditional treats for lower-calorie health snacks. For example, baby carrots, pieces of apple and cucumber.
You should ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise

ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise is also a great way to ensure it is healthy. You should be aware that breeds of dogs are different in their exercise needs. As such, you should study the required exercise for your dog. You can also talk to the vet and find out how much exercise you should give your dog. While certain breeds may be able to get by simply a stroll around the block there are breeds that are high-energy that require at least one hour of vigorous activity twice each day. If your dog has sufficient physical exercise, its body is in top state. Mental boredom can also be avoided by this exercise.

Did you know that canines may develop destructive habits during boredom? It could be due to an insufficient amount of exercise. You must make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise to prevent anxiety. That’s why it’s crucial to take into consideration your personal lifestyle every time you are looking for a pet. That way, you can choose a pet that fits your level of physical activity.

Make sure your pet is examined annually for Health Exams

One of the most effective ways to maintain the fitness of your dog is by ensuring regular physical exams. Experts recommend that your pet be seen at least once a year by a veterinarian. If your pet appears good, you must take it to the vet. It will allow the veterinarian time to examine the health of your pet. Your vet will test your pet for emerging diseases. The majority of diseases can be treated quickly if detected early.


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