Learning About Threadolet Parts! – UNM Continuing Education

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Threadolets are specifically self-reinforced connectors which are used instead of branch connectors threaded with threads. They’re extremely durable because they’re self-reinforced. They are commonly used in smaller piping applications that require low pressure. Also, they are available in small as well as larger sizes.

A different connector that is commonly used is the Elbolet. As they are also self-enforced the little devices help to join things using a sturdy back. Also, they come in various types, each pertaining to the strength you require. They come in standard, super strong and double strong and much more!

To learn more about different connecting devices and their functions, keep watching the video below and also take a look at the other videos on this channel! It is also possible to visit your local hardware shop. ad36tuu7x3.

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