Aging Whiskey in a Mini Barrel – Find Video Store Shopping Video

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You can age your whiskey at home by following the suggestions in this video.

You will need a miniature barrel for aging the whiskey you purchase the whiskey-making kit. Since it is less time-consuming to age, this is the best way to preserve your whiskey. You will also be able enjoy it sooner. Your mini whiskey barrels can be personalized with your company’s logo or name.

Preparing your barrel is one of the first steps to making your own whiskey. Soak the barrel in the water for a few days to ensure that it expands , and won’t break after being filled with whiskey. Place it somewhere that can absorb any sawdust or leaks that is leftover. You can insert your spigot using the hammer until you get a tight seal. During the aging process and turning your barrel at least a couple of times to make sure that all sides are wet so that there are no any leaks. Your whiskey can be aged for a number of months prior to being taken out again to be consumed. dykhcriyqk.

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