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Though there are many kinds of debt collection agencies but they are all run in the same way. Total Debt Freedom examines the workings of these agencies.

Your unpaid bills do not get sent to a debt collection company until three or six months after the company who owes you money attempts for payment. The debt collectors may claim that they are working for the company which you owe money to even though they really work for a company that collects debts. When they write their letters to you, they’ll note they’re from the debt collection company.

Some agencies can ask you if it is possible to cover the entirety of the debt. It allows them to assure their clients that they are content. Although this is not often but it’s always worth trying to find a collector and see what negotiations are in place.

They can be adamant in their letters or phone calls, since they get a fee if you pay the amount. The company that hired them gives the debt collection agency as much as half the amount you must pay. If you do not pay, debt collection agencies may present your case an attorney.

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