Catholic Schools Explained – Living History Worldwide

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In deciding on the ideal school for your children, there are numerous factors to be considered. To begin, there are a lot of differences between school options that are private or public. Private schools may also be able to be classified into those that are religiously affiliated or not religiously associated. Since the 1960s, enrolment at Catholic schools across the US is down 50%. In order to promote Catholic schools in NYC In the coming days, the Pope will be visiting one Catholic school. Families facing financial hardship may decide to send their children in private schools since they don’t want the school they attend to be near by. There are many closing catholic schools. Over 5 million children are educated. About two million pupils attend Catholic schools. Since it’s hard to get financing, the price for operating Catholic schools has increased dramatically. If Nuns taught in the catholic schools and colleges, it was cheaper to pay them. Now, Nuns are less likely to land a job as a teacher in comparison to teachers who have their master’s degree. If you are keen to know more, keep watching this video for additional information. x34jq44k4u.

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