What Is the Difference Between Latency and Bandwidth? – Freelance Weekly

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The above tips can assist any person, be it a customer or business owner who has a website. You’ll enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience as a customer as well as a more efficient management of your company’s website. It is essential to discern between bandwidth and server latency. This is because they can affect the ease with which you can use the Internet. In this video you’ll discover what these two things are as well as how they differ from each other.

With a very simple analogy this video provides, bandwidth represents a road. The road that has many lanes implies that it’s able to handle much more traffic, and not be overwhelmed. If the traffic is greater than the road can handle the backup could cause delay. The server should have sufficient bandwidth to eliminate any delay. The server should know the volume of traffic it’ll be receiving in order to provide the appropriate amount. ss36p7hy7x.

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