Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth – Dental Hygiene Association

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Primary teeth of children, which begin growing at 6 months old, are the first to form. They are usually lost between the ages of 6 and 12 old. They’ll be replaced by permanent teeth.

Your primary teeth will have 10 on the upper side and 10 in the lower jaw. They’ll eventually replace them with 32 permanent teeth after they go missing. Kids often place their teeth on the bed for the tooth fairy. In the morning, they get a gift from the tooth fairy and the tooth disappears. It’s an American custom. Incisors can be defined as tooth-like teeth that can be used to cut tiny portions of food. The sharpest teeth are the Caine teeth. They are used to cut food into smaller pieces. Premolars have a flat biting as well as chewing surface. Molars crush, chew, and grind food. These are the varieties of teeth that we have in our mouth.

Bacteria is a problem that can be triggered when you eat and causes dental decay and plaque. Brush your teeth every two days as well as flossing to clean out food particles. Not caring for your teeth may cause sore gums and inflammation. Avoid eating too much sugar from your diet since it causes tooth decay. Regular appointments to your dentist every year are essential to maintaining good health. sx6bpsvc8n.

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