How To Align Safety Reverse Sensors – Deperimeterize

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One of the common issues most people face when using the eco-friendly garage doors they use is that the sensors that allow the door to open in a timely manner, lose regular sync. The door may open and shut at any point during the day or at night. This is all stuff you don’t want, so how do you fix an issue like this. In the first place, this kind of problem almost always starts at the source of the issue, which in this instance is the sensors. Doorways can be plagued by problems when the sensors are not properly aligned. Sensors are normally inserted on the rails of the door via screws. The only thing you need to do is loosen the screws that are attached to the sensor and place the sensor in alignment with the sensor on the opposite edge of the rail. Although it helps to be able to align the sensors more easily however it’s not required. gd8o3q5k2v.

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