Cleaning a Sidewalk Without a Pressure Washer – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

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This sidewalk and driveway cleansing technique is effective for concrete with mildew. If the build-up of mildew is severe or the stain will not go away after this cleaning, consider renting the pressure washer. It will be much cheaper than purchasing one.

You will need a regular 1-gallon pump and garden hose. Water should be filled to two-thirds of your sprayer. Bleach the remaining. Spray enough of the mix on your sidewalks or driveways so that you can create small puddles of water on the floor. Replace with two parts of water and one part bleach mixture when necessary, depending on the length of your driveway sidewalk.

Set the mixture aside for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, let the solution soak in to clean and kill mildew. After that, you can take your garden sprayer and let it rest for around ten minutes. This assists in reducing any bleach that runs off and minimizes damages to your lawn and plants. All you have to do is take care of. lmwsmjatxy.

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