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Everyone sees the breasts of women whenever they see them. Women often wonder if their breasts appear attractive enough. Do they need the help of a surgeon for breast augmentation like the Dr. Hagen to make theirs appear better? Dr. Hagen discusses the dangers of breast augmentation.

What Risks Exist?

When something not organic is in our body there could be results:

Scar tissue. Scar tissue, which is placed over implants, could make breasts appear thick and painful. Pain and numbness. Most surgery produces the sensation of numbness in nerves as well as discomfort, however these symptoms will be gone in the future. The numbness can be particularly noticeable in the nerves of the nipples. It is expected that swelling will disappear after about three months. Symmetry. Symmetry. Are each breast implant in the same place? Over time, they’ll settle in the correct locations. Bleeding. It isn’t normal to have bleeding. This can be treated through additional surgeries. It includes any infection as well. The leakage or rupture. It’s not completely normal, and is dealt with in additional surgery.

Looking attractive to other women and looking our best is an integral part of our characteristic. This can be done by breast surgeons. Before you see an expert, you should be aware of the risks that could be involved.


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