How Are Vehicle Fleet Graphics Installed? – Free Car Magazines

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The hiccups can be found on a massive truck, or on a truck, you may be amazed. It’s seldom painted. Vehicle fleet graphics are crafted using design programs like InDesign and are formatted for a large-format computer printer, allowing them to be cleanly and uniformly applied to each of the vehicles that make up the fleet. The images are printed onto vinyl wrap decals . Then, using simple measures like ladders and hand-applying, they’re added to the vehicles.

They’re not randomly applied. They are required to be attached to the vehicle according to tolerances of inches. The use of measurement markers is for alignment of the sheets.

Graphic application workers take a long time to ensure that every image is matched to the next. It is essential for seamless professional look that they take their time to ensure that every piece meets the next piece in perfect alignment.

In order to finish the project, it’s having to take the time to ensure all graphics are applied to each car. Just one part of the wrap being off means it will look wrong and amateur, so the time needed to do this is spent making sure that everything is completed in a precise manner.


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