What is a Carbon Seal? – Crevalor Reviews

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What’s a Carbon shaft seal? This video will be able to solve that issue. In this video, a professional will describe what a carbon seal is and what makes it an essential part of the work force in particular fields.

Let’s first take a look at the elements of a carbon sealing. It is constructed from a block, springs and a mating circular. When you have a carbon shaft and you want to install the mating rings. If it is in motion the mating ring is sure to match your shaft. The mating rings and the shaft are able to rotate, however the springs remain in place. The components of a carbon sealing is important since it allows you to be sure that everything is working as planned. Being aware of the various components of a carbon seal will help you to identify the issue and correct it.

Take a look at this video in full to understand the importance of a carbon-based seal and why it’s such an important aspect to the workforce in certain fields.


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