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milarities end. Residential roofing has a steep slope that can be seen when you look down. This is why asphalt shingles have a higher preference. Commercial roofing is characterized by a slight or no slope. This is the reason TPO products are the preferred choice. How does a commercial roof look?

In the narration, the narrator describes that the TPO roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin) can be constructed using a solid deck’s recovery board. The material used to recover the deck is of top quality, so it is durable for the roof’s entire lifespan.

The next step is fastening the board to which you are attaching your recovery. This is where it is necessary to use a premium fastener, which is pinned down by screwing it with a 4-inch nail. In order to stop the fastener from moving, it should be perforated.
The final stage is installation of the TPO material. The material should be highly reflective to help the commercial building owner conserve money on AC costs. The TPO pipe boot should be placed wherever there’s a penetration, like a chimney. d1i7brfat8.

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