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Test, assemble, and manufacture electronic components as well as circuit boards.

Based on the business as well as the specific project, there’s several levels of automation electronic makers can make use of. For companies that produce large quantity of the same item automation is generally used, but for companies producing smaller batches of the exact product, or are specialized in prototyping, it is more efficient and economically to construct the products by hand.

There are three types of electronic manufacturer are available Three types of electronic manufacturer are offered: low, medium volume, and high volume. Low volume typically refers to prototyping however it also covers companies producing small amounts of under 100 items annually. Small-scale companies could produce up to 10,000 products each year, and high volume companies produce over 10,000 items annually.

Not all of our electronics are manufactured by china manufacturing firms, but a lot of the electronics we use are produced by companies in the US. You can watch the video above for more information on electronics production.


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