How Cement is Made Before it Gets to a Cement Company – How Old Is the Internet

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Ever wondered where cement is manufactured before it makes it to the cement company? You can find out via this video.
The production of cement does not start when the extraction process is complete and processing of raw materials. Limestone, slates and some varieties of shale are the cement primary materials extracted from quarries. If it’s necessary, blasting equipment also assists during the process of excavation.
The materials that are excavated find they are transported to a quarry plant for the subsequent phase during the process. Transporting materials depends on which cement firm you select. The process can include rail freight cars or trucks.
After crushing and mixing after that, the next thing to do is heating. During this stage, it is when mixing is carried out. Impurities are removed using a heating process up to 900o Celsius.
Next comes the heating, in which the stone is heated to temperatures over 1500degree Celsius. The limestone loses its carbonate structure when it’s subjected to heat. e5fimldwrp.

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