Why You Dont Want to Get Electrocuted – Entertainment Videos

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Ds means dying by electric current. A lesser amount of this is an electric shock. Many of us have experienced any kind of electric shock. Electric shock sensations can be anything from mild tingling to severe burning. Electrical currents can pose a danger. It’s important to consult an authorized electrician. In this instructional video, you can learn more about electrocution.

The electric shock can be described as an electrical current flowing from an object to your body. This charge is comprised of ions, electrons and ions. In order to send messages, our bodies make use of the ions which travel through membranes. But, when a large amount of current is introduced into the body, your membranes react in a way that is over-reactive. This can cause muscle contractions and even seizures.

One can cease breathing out of shock by drinking 20mA. It is also possible for the heart to stop from beating when it’s subjected to 100mA. The amount of current that goes into your body is based on voltage and resistance. Although your skin is protected from voltages of up to 500 volts. Anything more than that can damage your skin and may even cause the heart to stop. It is essential to take electrical current as a serious matter.


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