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know. Read on to discover how little you know about jewellery repair.

Contrary to popular opinion, even the finest jewelry is not invincible. In order to last as long the jewelry must be maintained. While we would like to think that precious stones and metals are durable and strong however, they will wear out as time passes. Repairs to jewelry are necessary.

The soft metals such as silver as well as platinum and gold are susceptible to being damaged by regular wear and tear. Similar to soft stones such as pearls, emeralds and Opals. They may chip or scratch with time, making look old. However jewelry repair can restore their beauty.

If you notice a loose piece of jewelry, don’t hesitate to go to a jewelry repair store. If you put off the repair for too long, your jewel could break and become destroyed or may dull and fade. It is important to keep your jewelry shining by getting them fixed by experts in jewelry maintenance.

For more details on repair of jewelry, take a look at the video below!


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