What You Didnt Know About Wooden Trusses –

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Ble structure. There is no compression or tension to connect the parts of this structure.
What are the parts of a Truss? How are they used?

The chord at the top is diagonally located upper component. The bottom chord acts as the foundation to the structural structure. The members in the middle connecting the structure can be referred to as webs. This means that there’s the force of gravity that press down in the upper middle section to keep everything in place.

The Things You didn’t know about Trusses

In 1955, John Calvin Jureit invented the truss plate to connect all the structures’ nodes to stop them from moving.

Designers typically use software such as Sapphire to design everything that goes into a house, including every engineering requirement for the complete structure. Builders can ask for modifications, add-ons, fixes, and more with the provided 3D models.

These models allow the plants to make trusses rapidly and accurately by being able to recognize what design they are. The machines can also be used to print numbers on logs to allow for full trackability.


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