Text Messages Making Waves in Divorce Courts – Legal Magazine

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The introduction of text messages in divorce has given it a fresh turn. Text messages are increasingly being used during divorce hearings and can be taken out of context. Many text messages are used by divorce court judges. They hold the ultimate authority in matters such as parental custody, child care and division of assets. Text messages are also used to establish undocumented earnings.

If you are considering contacting an attorney for your family, be sure to remember the tips below. Family lawyers advise people to take note of the things they type. A text sent can be used by the divorce court against one or the other of you. It is not advisable to accept messages that are inappropriate from your spouse.

When you talk to the divorce attorney you will be given a list of questions you should ask whether a no fault divorce be contested? Do both spouses seek divorce? Do you have to marry without divorce? It is important to inquire if your texts messages can be used in court and how long will the process of divorce take in the USA.


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