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As CNBC explains in their video “Who makes money off Bail?” To make sure that defendants don’t miss their trial The collateral can be used for keeping the bail money.

They are generally viewed as negative in that they criminalize the person with a poor situation who’s unable to make bail payments, leaving individuals with the choice of waiting for their trial prison for weeks or, sometimes several months. People often view these bails as an incentive for social inequalities that are exhibited in the justice system, especially by people with a low income. Losing jobs, housing ownership and the custody of children is only a few of the outcomes that can be a result of having to spend a day or two in prison. Lack of money for cash bail might also cause an arrest of persons who do not pose a risk for the general public.

A number of states are beginning to look at the method they are using to operate jails and reforming the practices that make sure that those accused or being charged with crimes can be protected within their rights to be presumed innocent and given equal treatment in accordance with the law, regardless of their financial backgrounds. jzij3hgtw4.

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