What Should You Know About HOA Websites? – Business Training Video

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YouTube video from Vinteum Software walks through the things homeowners should know about an HOA site.

What does the word “HOA” mean?
HOA is an abbreviation for homeowners’ association. The HOA is composed of homeowners who have properties in planned neighborhoods and other communities. They are responsible for maintaining public areas as well as to set regulations concerning yards as well as house exteriors.

Residents who reside in HOA communities are required to pay an annual fee. The location where services are offered and their costs will determine how much , and at what time they are due. The cost is for the removal of snow and landscaping operations. If the community has a park, or has pools, then additional fees will be charged.

The HOA has a responsibility to ensure the beauty of the neighborhood. The rules are established by the community, the HOA board, as well as local officials. The HOA board can enforce rules, such as the color scheme for a house’s exterior or construction projects like building an outdoor shed or patio. The HOA could initiate a legal action against a homeowner if they do not comply with the regulations.

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