How To Charge for Carpenter Services – Business Success Tips

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If you are just starting in the business or aren’t sure where to start when pricing your services, these helpful strategies will assist. He will share his mistakes with regards to pricing carpenter services as well as show you the best way to avoid them. One of the first things he covers is how he was able to cost his services back when he first started. The price was per hour. Many believed it was a minimum cost for an hour as well as $25 per half hour. He has changed this very quick because he had been losing money due to this issue and miscommunications between the clients.

You should watch the entire video to find out what ideas he provides for carpenter workers out there who aren’t sure how much to price their services. It can be hard to tell at first, however after you’ve done several jobs, you will know exactly what to say to the customer your prices for certain jobs. Make sure you charge the nature of the job that they’d like to have done so you can be sure you’re making an income at the end.


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