Servicing Your AC Unit – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

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It is important to keep it in good condition on a regular time. Not only the filters need to be maintained, but also the coils and fins on your air conditioner.

A complete disregard for routine maintenance results with a continuous decrease in the effectiveness of air conditioning and performance , as well as increasing energy consumption.

Cleansing and replacing filters every few months is the primary and vital task to ensure the general effectiveness and dependability of your AC. Filters that are dirty or clogged restrict airflow which, in turn, reduces decreases the efficiency of the unit.

In addition, if airflow becomes partially blocked, dirt could pass through the filter before it reaches the coil. This may reduce the capacity of the coil to take in heat. Thus, you can reduce the energy usage of your air conditioner If you clean it frequently filter or if it’s already worn out, replace it with a new one.

In this detailed video by A-Action Home Inspection Houston learn how to service your AC unit the right way. Owners of Marathon Cooling and Heat, Jeff Womac and Mario Marrocho explain the step-by-step procedure of maintaining the AC unit effectively. The proprietors of Marathon Cooling and Heat Mario Marrocho, and Jeff Womac go through some common questions on AC maintenance and check-ups. Stay tuned for the whole film and watch the entire process.


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