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If your attic isn’t adequately insulated then hot air may be able to rise up into your attic. When the hot air meets the bottom of the roof deck, the snow begins melting. At night, when temperatures drop the melting snow changes to frozen ice. This is not a sight you would like to see for your wedding day. Don’t be tempted to scrub your gutters and downspouts so that melting snow to be able to flow away effectively.
Enjoy the outdoors indoors
Making use of nature to bring outdoors inside is one of the most romantic winter wedding ideas you can go with. Get pinecones, cute sprigs, flowers, berries, stones, rocks, etc. Poinsettias, holly and pansies are only among the stunning flowers that bloom in the cold winter months. These small details are coupled with subtler elements such as hanging planters or fresh flowers in vases to decorate your home for the big day.
You would like it to become an exclusive focal point including the location where you going to exchange vows. You can transform the wall using plants. Incorporate the entire wall with plantsand then put in some light fixtures to emphasize the look. To finish off consider adding flooring with a rug.
Decorate using fake snow
The fact that you want to get married in winter is a sign that you’re a fan of snow. This must be on your list when you’re trying to find winter weddings with intimate themes. Because you can’t bring real snow an indoor venue, fake snow is likely to help. You can be creative about how the fake snow should be sprinkled. For instance, the isle would be a good place to spread the fake snow. Sprinkle it all over decorations as well as other areas. It will make your house stunning and will give you that warm winter feel you’re looking for at your wedding.
Bring a fresh lease of life to your property
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