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Before the term blogging became an unofficial part of the American vernacular during the late 1990s, the folks who composed and posted their personal musings and prose online were simply referred to as diarists or journalists.

Over the next couple of years, this type of online prose became known as web logs. And in 1997 a gentleman by the name of Jorn Barger had the brilliant idea of creating a portmanteau of the phrase “web blog,” and thus, the “blogging” was born!

Over the next two years the popularity of blogging spread to the across the web like wildfire; and soon professional journalists were utilizing the medium, and many people began to embrace blogging as a legitimate form of journalism. Of course, the fact that anyone can create a blog and post their polemical rantings in pure, unadulterated, unedited form will always make blogging a less credible medium than traditional journalistic styles.

Although blogging is far from unassailable, it has been adapted to other purposes beyond political and cultural rantings. One such example is the reference blog, which offers web users with specific agendas a means through which to make plans. As a means of example, just take a look at the blogs Rochester citizens use.

Among the most popular blogs Rochester
residents depend on are those that provide them with the quickest way to obtain the information they want on local events, restaurants, shops, movie times, and more. The idea of having a single source to which you can refer makes perfect sense, since nobody wants to waste their precious time randomly search on the web without any sort of compass.

While there are many different types of Rochester blogs from which to choose, there are only a couple that offer the convenience of browsing Rochester hotels, sporting events, Greek cuisine, and live music from one convenient place.

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