Rochester Hotels, A Home Away from Home

Rochester ny hotel

Rochester hotels carry on a long tradition for anyone looking to find a place to lay their heads. A hotel in rochester is a good place to find a place to sleep for a few days and to a find a fashionable place to stay. hotels in rochester ny have had their share of customers and for a hotel rochester ny is a good place to be.

The ancient Greeks were the first civilization known to have developed anything that might be considered to be a some sort of hotel, even though these had very little to do with rochester hotels. These were hotels in the sense that they provided a home away from the normal home. But they were in some ways more like spas or sanitariums, in that they were thermal baths in villages designed for rest and recuperation.

The Silk Road, that ancient road which connected China to the Roman Empire, had its own types of hotels. A caravanserais was a hotel or inn which members of a caravan would use to travel along the Silk Road. Of course, these were meant for safety more than comfort. For this reason, these did not much resemble rochester hotels.

The Hoshi Ryokan in Japans Ishikawa Perfecture was founded in 718. It is the oldest operational hotel in the world, founded before the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire, while Europe was still in the Dark Ages. Nonetheless, British and European hotels go back a long way as well. A medieval sword, door hinges and 4 foot wooden bear was discovered.

From rochester hotels, it is easy to make trips to Buffalo, Syracuse and the Finger Lakes. You can also make trips to Niagara Falls and Toronto. It might not be the same as a Egyptian health spa, but rochester hotels are good places to be.

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